Good Supply Co.

Meeting day-to-day needs and helping disaster-impacted communities, we deliver goods that transform lives and bring hope and dignity to those in need.

Our Mission

Good Supply Co. helps the community resolve the business challenge of responsibly distributing excess goods for maximum impact and in doing so, we help individuals and families facing challenging life circumstances get the goods they need, generating hope, and products are given a new life, reducing waste and helping build resilient communities for the future.

Our Roots

As local church members we were lead to serve our community in the form of an ongoing food ministry. Through our experience with those we serve, we were inspired to expand our scope to providing a wider range of life affirming essentials. Through our partnership with Good360 our ability to secure general merchandise including home essentials, clothing, appliances, toys, and Hope for those in need, equipping us to serve a wider range of people groups. We wanted to help solve some of the problems outside of the homeless community and help those who were struggling to make ends meet. Thus, the Good Supply Co. was born.



What We Do

The Good Supply Co. picks up, stores and distributes goods that would otherwise go to waste and distributes them to those in need. We provide products and vouchers philanthropic organizations and to the working poor (an underserved population) and connect people to the supplies they need to make a better life.

How We Do It

Good Supply Co. partners with socially responsible companies to source highly needed goods and distribute them to people in need with the help of non-profits, businesses and individuals like you who want to become part of our network that support people in need. 

Why We Do It

We help nonprofits get the goods they need so they can spend more of every dollar on programs and services – in other words, helping more people and doing more good.

A bed is not just a piece of furniture – it’s a good night’s sleep for a child getting up to go to school the next morning.  A kitchen table is a place for a family to share, communicate and bond over the day’s events. A new pair of soccer cleats is self-confidence and the ability to pursue a passion.

It’s more than just stuff. It’s life-changing resources that transform lives and strengthen communities.



As part of the Good360 Circle of Good, you get access to product donations that can help you deliver on your own local (or global!) mission. Whether meeting day-to-day needs or helping disaster-impacted communities, we deliver goods that transform lives and bring hope and dignity to those in need.